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Spill Containment & Personal Protection Equipment

Although the Weld Postcleen fluid range is safe in comparison to traditional methods of cleaning metal, a spill can still be detrimental to the environment. If a spill happens, legally you must contain it and prevent it spreading into stormwater.

And not only should you have the right spill containment products on hand, but you'll need the appropriate personal protection equipment (usually known as PPE) for handling a spill too.

Liquid spills are one of the most environmentally detrimental and damaging issues that a business can face. When a liquid spill occurs, you have a duty to rectify the problem and contact the proper regulatory authorities. The inconvenience of a spill is a waste of resources for most business owners. The good news is that there are a number of spill prevention measures that you can take advantage of to protect yourself and your business of such a burdensome hazard.


Identifying Spill Risk

The first step in liquid spill prevention is to identify the risk. By identifying the potential spill risk, you are able to substantially mitigate the probability of a spill occurring because you will be able to take the right preventive measures. The main factors that affect the spill risk of chemical, non-chemical, and flammable liquids include the volume that you are storing, the substance, the security of the containers, and the manner of which the substance is transported if transportation occurs.

In addition to the above your spill risk may increase Due to many factors such as:

  • Where the item is stored
  • If heavy traffic courses through the area
  • If decanting liquids is a part of your business

Once you consider each of these factors that can affect the spill risk, you want to employ preventative measures that are geared towards chemical liquids, non-chemical liquids, and flammable liquids.


Examples of Spill Containment Products Avaliable


Personal Protection Equipment

Please refer to the material data safety sheets avaliable here, to determine the apropriate PPE required when handling the Weld Postcleen fluids.


Examples of Personal Protection Equipment Products Avaliable


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