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WP1000 System Kit

WP1000 System Kit

Product Code: WP1000K
Weld Postcleen WP1000 System
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Traditionally fabricated stainless steel have been Pickled then Passivated using a time consuming, hazardous two process paste system....which can be rather costly due to the extreme amount of occupational health & safety involved. The chemicals used for these Pickling & Passivating pastes present an extremely toxic and dangerous hazard in both contact & vapour form to the operator and those surrounding. They include chemicals like Hydro fluoric & Nitric acid. The WP system is an alternative to the above that gives you a safer, more economical & superior solution using electrochem fluids based on an acid approved for the food industry. The WP system works by using an electrochemical process to clean, passivate & polish stainless steel. The complete process only takes a few seconds to complete.

The Weld Postcleen machine is basically a 6 in 1 system

  1. Cleans Stainless welds & tea stains
  2. Passivates Stainless
  3. Mirror Polishes Stainless
  4. Marks/Etches on Stainless ( with the correct optional kit )
  5. Safer for you, others & the environment
  6. Surface cleans Copper & Brass

Cleans : Removes weld colouration - blackening / blueing, spatter marks, heat stains, rust stains, iron oxides, tea stains from the stainless surface for aesthetic purposes ( great on tig, spot, pulsemig, orbital, laser resistance, plasma welds, light gauge mig ).

Passivates : Steels containing more than 11% Chromium are capable of forming an invisible, inert, self-repairing oxide film on their surface. It is this “passive” layer that gives stainless steels their corrosion resistance. When stainless is fabricated, welded, machined, heat treated etc inevitable the surface becomes oxidised and often contaminated with foreign bodies like iron & carbon - which can result in premature staining from corrosion attack, unless it is appropriately cleaned and then passivated.

The WP machine produces a fully passivated surface superior to acid pickling/passivating – and even better than the original material.

Polishes : The WP machine electro polishes the surface to a microscopically featureless bright smooth surface. It does this by removing the microscopic high points “Peaks” faster than the rate of attack on the corresponding depressions “Valleys” . This not only makes the stainless appear cosmetically pleasing with a mirror polish but it also assists in its corrosion resistance as the ultra-smooth surface is less likely to catch foreign particles of iron/ carbon that otherwise could embed in the previous grooves, scratches which would prevent the passive layer from forming

Etches / Marks : The WP machine with the correct optional lead/head/solution & stencil can also grey etch onto the stainless surface. This is handy if you wish to put things like : company Logo’s, company names, part numbers, batch numbers, web addresses, product names, etc. onto the stainless. ( see separate etching sheet available on website )

Safer : The WP system also saves you money as there is far less time consuming and expensive OH&S criteria’s which have to be adhered too in its setup, usage & clean up compared to traditional methods of pickling & passivating pastes. So there is significant operational cost savings.

Other : The WP system is designed predominately for the stainless steel market. But it also possible to surface clean copper & brass. It has also has had some luck with removing surface rust from steels and cleaning Aluminium.
(Care should be taken with Aluminium as Hydrogen gas –which is explosive- is a by product.)

Additional Info:

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Key Features

WP1000 Kit Includes:

  • WP1000 Power Supply
  • Lead Set
  • Carry Case
  • Instructions
  • Electropolishing Guide
  • Bucket Set
  • 1 Litre Phosphoric Acid
  • Stainless Shears
  • 1 Small Brush
  • 1 Medium Brush
  • Brush Cooling Sticker (for your own tub)
  • Acid Sticker (for your own tub)






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