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USING  PHOSPHORIC ACID  (  the electrolyte )

Personal protection

Personal protection can usually be maintained at a safe level by using a local exhaust ventilation system.

Also wearing full-body protective clothing, acid-resistance gloves and boots, chemical worker goggles and a face shield can reduce your chances of harm.

When handling and storing phosphoric acid individuals should avoid breathing sprays or mists, ingesting, getting in eyes, on skin or on clothing.

Phosphoric acid should also be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place away from incompatible material.

Phosphoric acid is corrosive to numerous materials.

Just like it attacks the material it is used on, if given the chance it will attack you ( e.g. your eyes, skin, mouth, throat, clothing,... ).

A safety shower and eyewash should be made available to individuals working with and/or around phosphoric acid in order to minimize injury in case an accident does occur.

Always treat phosphoric acid with care and respect.



Respiratory protection should comply with AS 1716.

Respiratory Protective Devices and be selected in accordance with  AS 1715

 Selection, Use and Maintenance of Respiratory Protective Devices.

The use of a face shield, chemical goggles or safety glasses with side shield  protection as  appropriate.  

Must comply with Australian Standards AS 1337 and be selected and used in accordance with AS 1336.

Hand protection should comply with AS 2161, Occupational protective gloves.

Foot protection should comply with AS 2210, Occupational protective footwear. 

Clothing for protection against chemicals should comply with AS 3765.

Storage Regulations.  Refer Australian Standard AS 3780 - 1994    ’The storage and handling of corrosive substances’.



Safety and work cover authorities

National Safety Council of Australia                 

Northern Territory WorkSafe                             

Safe Work Australia                                             
Safe Work South Australia                                  
The Safety Institute of Australia                         
Standards Australia                                             
WorkCover Authority of New South Wales       
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland         
WorkSafe Tasmania                                             
WorkSafe Victoria                                                
WorkSafe Western Australia                              


Australian Institute of Health and Welfare      








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